UBA’s 70th Birthday event Silver Award

The Belgian IARU society was founded back in 1948. To celebrate its 70th birthday, 59 special event stations will be active during the month of May 2018. These club stations will all use the OT70 prefix followed by a three letter abbreviation designating a local identifier. An example: OT70WLD will be active from the Waasland division of the UBA while OT70BXE will be aired from Brussels East.

A commemorative award was available in six classes: bronze for working 10, silver for 20 gold for 30, platinum for 40, diamond for 50 and insane for 58 different OT70 stations.

7X2GX (operators: Sofiane and Leila) works 22 stations, using the special OT70 prefix on SSB in 2 bands (20m-17m). For that a silver diploma was given by the organisators.